Sunday, 25 January 2009

Two Birds with one Stoned

I had my lunch two hours previously before plugging into the capsule – piloting 101 right there, wouldn’t want to throw up and swim around your previously digested food mid-flight now, would we?

My capsule then made its humble way into the docking bay and was inserted into my choice of ship, my second grand spanking new thorax, ‘Stoned’. Once securely onboard I checked all flight systems, weapon systems, and every other system before viewing the ship internal cameras. I silently watched as uniformed people hurriedly scurried along the decks of my cruiser, my proud crew of thirty. When everything was ticked off green, I requested undock and soon found myself in the pits of nothingness. I set my course for Molden Heath – 6 jumps.

I plot my route, my hunting ground as it were. A 10 system route should do nicely for just over an hours worth of time.

The first Solar System was dry. Small left-over’s were all that remained. Wrecks left behind from victims of those also in my newly acquired line of work. There was nothing to be found here, I moved on.

EVE System > Channel changed to Heild Local Channel

As I lay there cloaked alongside the Stargate, I did a quick 14AU Omni-directional scan. Nothing picked up.

I warped towards a previously logged safespot, and repeated my scan. 2 Minmatar Frigate ships appeared on display –Rifters. Juicy.

I narrowed my scan down towards a specific belt in orbit of Planet VII. As I entered the vicinity out of warp, they were gone. Nothing remained but the dead cluster of rocks drifting meaninglessly. I swung the ship around and set my next target toward a distant planet. However, as my warp drive initiated at the peak of 75% velocity, my overview picked up 2 Rifters entering the space at a distance of 70km. So, the hunter was being hunted. I smiled, perhaps in a more sinister way than I had intended. It was too late to cancel warp, as the ship had begun its sub-velocity warp sequence, but it was enough time for me to pull out the pilot details on the Rifters.

Their pilot licences were only a few months old. My confidence grew. Surely these were guaranteed kills. I returned back towards the Asteroid Belt, Scram module at the ready. They were gone again. But this time, I knew they would not be running away. I waited.

It took perhaps a full two minutes before the frigates appeared only 15km from my position. I sprung into action, initiating microwarpdrive as I approached the targets. We clashed moments later and began close orbit. I was both warp scrammed and webbed, so it was only polite to return the favour. I launched my Hammerheads from the Drone Bay and ordered them to engage.

I released the wrath of my Heavy Electron Blasters and the carnage of drones upon ‘Rifter A’. By the time I took down its shields, I was only 50% into mine. I was getting cockier by the second.

This was when my smile was painfully torn away, his armour refused to buckle. Goddamn my tracking speeds. He was too close and my guns couldn’t keep up. I was losing time, every second that went by drew me closer to my impending doom. I was 37% into armour.

I aligned towards a distant planet, in hope that my linear direction would help increase the distance between us. It seemed to work. The remainder of his armour plating diminished upon 4 blaster volleys, I didn’t even get a reading on his structure status before I was engulfed with the soft, blue light.

My focus was now on ‘Rifter B’. I initiated Scram and Web, and engaged both drones and Blasters. I gritted my teeth as my armour fell deeper below the last remaining 10%. Things got slightly worse as 2 (Gistii?) Pirates entered the fray, of which one of them had me locked. Another minute went by before my Hammerhead’s lay the final blow on the final Rifter. Blue’s my favourite colour. I called in my drones and warped out to a safe location, not wanting to risk my ship further from the 2 Gistii. I was 80% into Structure integrity. I smiled, not in a sinister fashion, but out of relief. I repaired my armour and returned to the Belt to collect my reward.

Pit Panic > damn nice fight man gratz

Pit Panic > nice fucking fight yai

Caster Rom > good fight lads

Pit Panic > hha ya

Pit Panic > hehe

Caster Rom > <3

I could have hugged them.

Not wanting to risk my newly acquired Cargo, I made my way home toward Hek. This was enough to satisfy me for the day. I put the goods up on the market for a few million, and retired to my quarters.

[Notice the poor 'cutting' and 'pasting' there in the image ;)]

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