Monday, 25 May 2009

Recent Times

The Good Times.

Ronan had planned a Nano-Op for Sunday night, 2330 hours. He had been expecting very few numbers to show and had arranged for it to be a more suitable time for the US time-zones. He did not expect to log into Voice Comms to find a larger number of drunken Euro's cocking about.

As the fleet returned to Hevrice to regroup for Ronan's nano-op, the fleet make-up was discussed and formed. This consisted of a variety of Vexors, Stabbers, a Claw and an Arbitrator.

"Can i bring a Smartie-Nano-raping-Vexor for the LULZ?" I asked Ronan.
"HAHA Do it!" Exclaimed the slightly-wrecked Wensley. Ronan didn't sound too impressed.
I fit my Vexor with any scrap modules i could find in my hangar, i knew this particular cruiser was sentenced to doom. I fit 3 t1 Smart-bombs along with a few crap drones i could scrounge. I was ready.

We didn't need to travel far before encountering 2 hostile Vexors. As the fleet warped in and engaged at mid-range orbits, i charged in - Smartie's booming - and took out some friendly drones in the process. Ooh yeah!

In the system of Mannar - while the fleet was standing by in a Safe and others scouting in the neighbouring systems - i was checking out a distant cluster of planets and had scanned down a seemingly inactive Megathron at a Stargate. A few seconds passed before the Megathron appeared beside me, i admired the beautiful ship for a while before i smacked the point on. The nano-fleet landed beside me and we began working our magic. The Megathron had deployed Garde II sentry drones, but as we were so close, they posed no threat. As i fired off a few explosions from my smart-bombs for good measure, the Mega had then redeployed his sentries 20km from us and i began to take some heavy hits. Egrat managed to jam him with his drones and i managed to warp out in structure, abandonning my Ogre I and Hobgoblin I's.
I repp'd up and returned to the scene in time to witness Egrats Arbitrator esplodes. The Mega was below 10% structure and was just able to rid me of my amazing ship, too. The Mega esploded.

Some time later, the gang found ourselves alone with another Drake pilot in the system of Onne once more. It was piloted by Bug Akane and he was well known within the Tuskers for helping us probe out some awesome kills in times ago. After refusing to help us probe out some other stuffs nearby, we decided to look for him. Knowing full well he was in an off-grid deadspace pocket in a mission, the drunken euro's suggested surfing through the scanner plexes. As the fleet seperated for different complexes, there was a sudden;

"Caster has point on the Drake! Caster has point on the Drake!" I screamed.
"In warp."

As the fleet began to land beside me one by one, someone muttered "...wait." I gave a chuckle before shouting;

"HAHA Made you warp, made you warp! Eyeeeee made you warp!!" My uncontained laughter poured through voice comms.
"There's a name for people like you, Caster." Wensley replied.

Bug Akane later accepted our Devil's fleet invite, and ->this<- happened.

Ronan's nano op ended with a further 2 Rifter kills, caught by Wensley.


Joc, Menthez and I: The triangle of Love.


The Bad Times.

The past few days has put my wallet under alot of strain. I have lost a monstrous amount of ships lately; some from being silly, some from being manly and others for being an asshole.

Bad luck has been the worse loss of them all, however. On a roam with Leo Solunar in his frigate, we had warped to a gate and Leo had jumped through. However, a Myrmidon had landed beside my Vexor on the gate and he had jumped through to catch me. It was a flaming brotherhood pilot and his gang. I was not going to be able to out run them from the gate, being in a Vexor.

"Just allign to a celestial in front you, hit mwd, and ju-" Leo was suggesting, before i cut him off.
"I'm just going to log out. I'm going to quit game." I didn't have an agression timer, so theoretically i should disappear on the spot. I did it.

"How does it look, Leo?"
"Your ship - Cheeky one - is still on scan... and yeah, they've scrammed you."
"Argh, bollox." I sighed.
"No, wait!" Leo started, "You've disappeared! They're confused in local! You must have made it!"

Nothing could contain my laughter. It was genius, i had always wondered if that trick would work if and whenever i would encounter a serious gate-gamp, but i had never had the opportunity to try it out. I now know it works. My laughter didn't last long.

As the action was now taking place over in the next system, I made my move to log back in. I found myself in space once more, with my Vexor in warp enroute to my last known location, the Stargate. As i landed, my client crashed.

"Oh bollox..." I muttered, as i made haste to return. However, as my UI began to load up, Damage notifications lit up my screen. "What the -" I was confused, was this a lag update from when i dropped ofline?
It wasn't. The hostile gang was back and they had me. As my ship neared structure, my client crashed once more. Bollox on toast.

After rebooting my system, i found myself in a fresh clone, 2 jumps out from home.


Anonymous said...

Oh Caster, you bastard. Those smarties of yours hit my Claw too. It was lots of fun, though.

Bug said...

(Random eve-blog surfing in progress. Oooh, look who I found.)

Hey! I didn't refuse to help you probe out anyone. You killed them all before I could get in my Helios. :P

... and, well, the other thing still has me smarting with faint embarrassment.

Glad I was right, tho. Didn't think you'd do it, or I bloody well would've warped off.

Much-needed reminder.

(Also, really enjoy the writing.)

Caster Rom said...

@ Wens: Yeah, lots of fun indeed!

@ Bug: Haha, the guilt we all felt upon warping to you was immense! Extremely funny thinking back about it. Hope to see you around more mate!

Izzybella said...

Idiot, lol.

PreZiDenT said...

You have a responsibility to feed me with tusker stories this summer, Caster! Go to work!

Leo Solunar said...

I have screenshots from the comments in local when your ship disappeared. I should send them to you.