Friday, 22 May 2009

Rumble in Hevrice

The flaming brotherhood corporation have been entertaining us in Hevrice lately.
Joc kept the Tuskers Comms channel updated with intel of his attempts to bait a flaming brotherhood Prophecy battlecruiser. When the point was called, three Tusken battlecruisers undocked simultaneously from the station along with a hostile Armageddon which was on its way to aid the falling Prophecy.

Joc and Leo were both flying the Caldari Ferox, whilst Vajo undocked in a general support-fit Brutix with ECM drones. I had taken out my good old Man-tix for the job.

Our slightly nimbler Battleships alligned quicker than the lumbering Battleship which had undocked with us, and we soon dropped out of warp beside Joc. As we tucked in for a good meal of the Prophecy, the Armageddon landed behind us some 10 seconds later and Vajo and I fed it some juicy Tracking-Disruptor lurve. With the Amarr beast tamed, the Prophecy was reduced to the bone.

Attention was turned toward the Armageddon at this point, in which posed no problem for us. As the Amarr Battleship fell, a Thorax appeared on the scene and was instantly OMGWTFBBQALPHA'd. Another Brutix warped in right on cue, and was also melted in our moment of insanity.

By this point, the original Prophecy pilot had returned in a Hyperion along with a supporting Rokh. Talk about escalation... A hostile Vagabond had also arrived to whore some killmails and our gang made the decision to loot what we could and vamoose. I was able to loot a fair amount, with only the Prophecy wreck being beyond my reach before i warped out. Joc wasn't so lucky though, and his Ferox was caught. A martyr to the cause!

A total of approximately 22million worth of Isk was recovered from that engagement - a 5million extra for each of our pockets. Can't complain.

The lesson i learnt today: Battlecruisers are the bomb.

As the heat dispersed, i decided to go on a cheeky solo roam with a resolve to stay close to home. I stumbled into Joc as i jumped into the system of Adirain and no sooner than i did, he had called point on a Drake in belt 4-1. My Taranis was in there in an instant and aided the Nano-Omen in taking down its shields. As we held off our damage to ransom the pilot on the recieving end of this negotiation, Joc discovered the pilot had ejected! Exclaims of surprise and glee had erupted in Comms as we were rewarded a free Battlecruiser!
I held my position as Joc warped off to dock up his Omen before returning for the Drake. However, as he confirmed his warp towards me, a radiating explosion took to my ears and i watched in horror as the previously-existing Drake engulfed me in its indigo flash of light. My jaw dropped.

"Umm... Joc, umm... The Drake... The Drake exploded... and i swear to god i didn't even touch it."
Another Tusker present on Voice Comms suggested it could have been a Self-destruct, "Check your logs mate, it may have been a Self-destruct".
I checked my logs.

22:36:26 Notify Drake belonging to BleedingAngl self-destructs.

Epic cries of 'NO' were soon heard in the Comms channel. Disappointment flooded through both Joc and myself, knowing we missed out on an opportunity for both the Killmail and even the ship itself. Had we known it was self-destructing we would have made haste in its recovery. Foiled by the stranger with a missing letter in his name.


wensley said...

Argh, I seem to have an annoying habit of just missing all the fun and games. Oh well, I'll be on more next week and can get back to some god old fashion Yarrr!

Keep up the great reports!

Izzybella said...

You been busy I see, nice post. You may want to change the url for my blog on the link on your sidebar. Its still the old one :P