Friday, 31 July 2009

Invisible Mischief

I’ve discovered something. Something amazing. I’ve discovered the art of cloaking.

BEHOLD my new favourite baby; (ninja'd from Google)

As it were, the monotonous life of piracy was at an all time low for me. I was unrelieved with the same stuff over and over again. Routine procedures involved; Pick a ship, weigh the risk, undock, roam, come home, dock.

This changed a few weeks ago. It’s much better now; Pick a cloaky ship, undock, roam, come home, sit in space like a hermit whilst peeping at passers-by.

The Recon ship has been a welcome change in versatility and opens the door to a lot more mischief!

My first roam with this seductive ship involved a little roam in the neighbourhood with two good friends of mine, after finding a Ferox in an exploration site, I had zoomed in all invisible-like and then BOO! Uncloak, Point, Damps, wave, teehee! The pilot could do nothing but accept his fate. Unable to counter something his ship could not lock and not fast enough to escape my grip, he drifted aimlessly as my beautiful friends arrived on the scene and poked him from a safe distance. The Ferox dissolved eventually with not a single speck of harm returned to us. Sexy is, as sexy does.

I’ve also taken a liking to a particular fellow who resides in the pipe to Amamake system. He’s a fairly new pilot, who likes to fly large expensive ships. After killing his Thorax once, I had discovered him to be in a Megathron multiple times. However, he has escaped my clutches twice with the cheeky usage of Warp Core Stabilisers. I refused to give up and returned with a True Sansha (3-point) Scrambler for the job. Caught him at a belt and then called in the cavalry. He was easily detained and after reducing him to structure, I commenced ransom.

~Caster Rom > o/ mate
~Mekirel > say agin?
~Caster Rom > 90 million isk to Caster Rom, and we will spare your ship
~Caster Rom > your ship and pod will be allowed to go free :)
~Mekirel > dont even have that much
~Caster Rom > almost unharmed
~Caster Rom > How much do you have matey?
~Mekirel > 30
~n1231 > cease fire against my ship
~Mekirel > done
~n1231 > ty
~Caster Rom > You have 2 options Mekirel
~Caster Rom > 75 million isk to Caster Rom
~Caster Rom > or eject from your ship to save your pod
~Caster Rom > We will let your pod go unharmed
~Caster Rom > should you choose to eject
~Mekirel > i seriously only have 30 mil
~Caster Rom > Then please eject from the ship mate
~Caster Rom > Otherwise you will lose both your ship AND your pod
~Mekirel > how does ejecting help me?
~Caster Rom > Your pod is saved
~Caster Rom > We will let your pod go unharmed
~Caster Rom > in fact, you're a nice guy
~Caster Rom > If you eject your ship, we will let your pod go free AND i will send you 20 million isk.
~Caster Rom > You have my word, Tuskers do not lie.
~Mekirel > some how i doubt you
~Mekirel > you sure you dont just want my 30 mil
~Robert Mason > Check our Ransomboard -
~Caster Rom > Thanks Rob, there is our ransomboard
~Caster Rom > it is proof of past negotiations
*Self-destruct message is spotted in our logs.
~OOMPUS LOOMPUS > this happened to me a week ago, they DO NOT LIE
~Caster Rom > ok, 30 million for hte ship please
~n1231 > i minuyte left approx
~Mekirel > 30 mil ok?
~Caster Rom > ok
~Caster Rom > 10 seconds my friend
~Mekirel > there you go
~Caster Rom > Thank you
~Caster Rom > you are free to go.
~Robert Mason > thankyo fly safe
~n1231 > your free
~Mekirel > ty
~n1231 > enjoy the continued exstance of your ship
*With thanks to Robert Mason for providing a copy of this log. Also after further looking at this guys history, his 'no isk situation' was an obvious lie.

On a more recently organised roam, I had probed out a Drake with my ULTIMATE GANG ASSIST Arazu, and uncovered it to be right next to a Wormhole, he did not jump through into the Wormhole as I had expected once I had disrupted his warp drives but remained immobile and stationary. That works for us too, I thought. The gang arrived and he was skilfully bumped away from the black-hole by Mr Ronan. Ship exploded and we held the pod for a short while in the hope of the pilots return. He returned a few seconds too late however and was already podded.

“Who took the Corpse?!” yelled FC Paul Jons.

“It can’t have been me! My Arazu’s not even here,” reasoned Caster.

"Whose idea was it to put Caster in a cloaky ship…” murmured Mr Ronan.

Sir Wensley himself took us on a roam this night towards Amarr space. We consisted of a strong cruisers, assault frigates and frigates gang and me being the cloaky one, was gifted with the scouting chore. The roam itself was smooth, disciplined, enjoyable and relaxed. But the path was as we expected – System empty, empty, empty, blob, empty, empty, big blob, empty, empty, Nub-Chimera and Scorpion setting up a POS, empty, empty, blob, empty and empty. We did however bag a Drake on the way, suffered no losses and had good fun.

And that concludes the tale of the ULTIMATE GANG SUPPORT Arazu, for now. I’ve yet to train Recon V, but I plan on doing so after I complete my cross-training for a Rapier. Maybe after I’ve unlocked the awesomeness of the Pilgrim and Curse too… Either way, this opens up a door to a monstrous amount of new ships and possibilities for myself and I look forward to it!

*Caster Rom raises a jug of Beer.

To Piracy, to the Tuskers, to you dear reader, and to Cloaky cloaky ships!


Nursultan said...

By the way, what uses does the Rapier have? I know it's good against small fast ships, is that all?

Ombey said...

Good read :)

@Nursultan, the Rapier can web up to 40km away (with a T2 web, more if faction), and with double webs is extremely useful to have along to stop targets fleeing

Spectre said...

You let a Mega leave for only 30 million ISK? I would have just killed the guy if he couldnt pay at least 100. Arazu is awesome BTW... It grew on me more and more and more as I flew it more.

Wensley said...

I'm glad you're out having fun again, mate. Next time I'll actually find some good targets for you.

Wensley said...

Also, "Sir Wensley"... I could get used to that, you know.

Caster Rom said...

I had a feeling the 30 million would have profitted better than the lewt at the time. :(
I was never fond of the Arazu at first, i meant it only as a by-product whilst going for either the Amarr or Minmatar recons. But it grew on me too, alot.

Nursultan said...

@Ombey: That's the thing, it can only web so someone else needs to scram at the same time. Leaves little solo opportunities.

Caster Rom said...

If you stick a republic disruptor on it, you can sit within 30km of your webbed target and still provide a point :) It won't be able to escape as you will be 100% guarenteed to be faster than it.
Small, fast ships must also be primary in every situation for the Rapier, once you get caught your world comes crashing down!

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Got a fit for use Caster, looks fun to laugh at other's faces holding them there.