Monday, 3 August 2009

My Dominix, baby.

Bug Akane, a local friend, had tipped us of 2 myrmidons in Onne. They were pilots of 2005 and 2008 and were camping nubcakes at the high-sec gate. I wasn't impressed.

I gave the situation a thorough thinking through. Two pilots who should be seasoned well enough in PvP to give us some solid resistance in respectable battlecruisers while half the guys in my own fleet were half dead it seemed (or AFK). I weighed the two sides and decided my Gank-Brutix was not fit for the job alongside of what our living fleet members could muster.

"I'm taking the Dominix out, guys. Give me the green light, Bug, when you've confirmed their safespot mate."

Latronicus scouted me through the macro-haven system that is Jovainnon but no sooner had the system been cleared of threat, Vim - a flashy status guy belonging to Brick Squad - jumps from Aeschee into the system just as I landed on the stargate itself. Brutix. Worried of having blown my cover in such a hostile place I hastily jumped into the smelly-pit that is Aeschee. As my lumbersome battleship aligned toward the Onne gate, the Brutix had jumped in after me. He decloaked some 15km away and it confused me why he did not point me in the brief window of vulnerability before I warped.

Things did not get better, a Hurricane pilot was on the Onne gate of which I landed upon. He was in allegiance with the Brick Squad guy in the Brutix. I jumped. Hurricane pursued. I made haste in an attempt to warp to safety. My velocity had even touched and exceeded the speed needed to initiate warp, and for an instant it seemed I had made it. I didn't, the Hurricane had me tackled at the gate.

By this time, Vim the Brutix had jumped in to join the party and as they released drones and began their assault, I hesitated only a split second on whether to burn back to the gate and jump, or face them in a manner which defines the very meaning of valor, courage, and crazy.

I took the Brutix first, if his fit was anything similar to the last time we encountered, it would not take long to deal with him. I scrambled the Brutix and secured a long point on the Hurricane for good measure, (I had changed my fit slightly for the 2 Myrmidon's I had planned). I had no problem micro-managing the 2 armor repairers and I had no need to trouble myself with the second Cap Injector, yet. My set of Heavy Neutron's and Ogre's burned through the Brutix and I turned toward the Hurricane whilst initiating target lock on Vim's capsule.

The Hurricane posed little threat on its own, yet more of them came streaming in. Latronicus was giving live intel of approaching forces on the other side of the gate as they came. Another Hurricane had appeared. I recalled and redeployed drones as necessary and continued my constant damage, overheating my guns at the nearing of the Hurricane's structure. My Booster 800's were running low. I succeeded in downing the ship and;

My attention turned toward the final Hurricane but no sooner had I done so, I was informed of incoming ships; Armageddon, Dominix, Onyx and a Vulture landing on the far side of the gate. Soon enough, they came streaming in. I had completely ran out of Booster 800's at this point and this last Hurricane was mid-armour. I pushed the guns to the limit and had to burst my MWD in order to keep up with its attempt of escape. I did not even see the structure breach when it exploded. I didn't notice the opportunistic Vexor amidst the slug-fest at the time, either. As the other hostilities drew closer to me, I scooped what loot i could and blasted the rest. I deagressed and decided to attempt a jump back into Aeschee. At this moment however, i realised i still had Vim's capsule targeted. It took my full mental restraint from podding the lad. Amazingly however, it was precisely at this point when I noticed none of them had me tackled. I swung my ship around and mind-blowingly warped to safety! I was surprised the ship managed it, considering the empty levels of capacitor.

My beloved fleet-mates rejoiced at my escape and I recovered in a safespot, Cap-less and wounded. Latronicus dutifully continued feeding us with intel and it seemed they had assembled a cute little gate-camp for me on the gate borders between the 2 systems. Latro had kindly supplied me with a few Booster charges to last me a while.

A few moments passed and I believed the system devoid of all threat when -

"Myrmidon at belt six-one!" exclaimed 250, former Tusker (hopefully not for much longer) and fleet member.

I aligned my Dominix towards the belt just as 250 announced the arrival of the other Myrmidon. I did not hesitate and warped directly to him. Unfortunately, his Caracle was caught whilst I was mid-warp.

I landed on the belt 5km from one and 12km from the other. I laid a Scrambler on the nearby Myrmidon but the other escaped my clutches. My fury of blasters and drones was unleashed in vengeance upon the foe, pushing me to keep my MWD running in order to maintain blaster range. I tanked the damage with ease and just before I had destroyed it and sent it to the naughty corner, his friend had valiantly returned! I had burnt out a single blaster at this point however, and it had prevented me from activating the group of blasters it was assigned with... a small dent in my unsurpasable powerz. This Myrmidon proved feisty and had wit about him for he burned fast out of my point range. I recalled my drones just as local spiked up a little. 'Gf's' were exchanged in local. I remained in a safespot to sit out the remainder of my GCC and once that was up and over, proceeded away from Aeschee (where they were still camping me), into Hulmate to dock and cherish my wounds.

Win points:
~Brutix, Hurricane, Hurricane, Myrmidon.

~Ogre II x1
~Heavy Neutron Blaster II x1
~Crap-load of Booster 800's



Spectre said...

Domi is such an awesome ship, especially considering the price. I used to fly one very similar to what you've got there but I recently switched over to the buffer tanked neut domi. No matter which way you go through it is a hell of a versatile ship. Nice job with it.

Ombey said...

Good write up, I like your style :) Sounds like you did a lot with the Domi, I have zero experience with that ship :-\

Bug said...


Also, "face them in a manner which defines the very meaning of valor, courage, and crazy." Awesome.

(Aaand now you've made me want to get a Domi, damnitall.)

VaJo said...

Ace write-up, good show old chap!

Flashfresh said...

Great write-up. Very exciting tale and yes, the domi is a superbly versatile ship.


Caster Rom said...

Thanks all!

Definately agree, Domi is very versatile indeed. I keep 3 in me hangar, the one featured here, a RR-neut domi, and a Smart-bomb domi for emergencies. >:)

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!