Saturday, 26 June 2010

I am a Mage

Alot has happened since my previous post. Back then i was still just a scrounging pirate for the Tuskers corporation. Unexpectedly, but eventually, i grew out of it (the piracy). I still can't entirely explain why it happened, but i know that i only lasted as long as i did due to the awesome friends that were made, and whom remain so to this day.

Found myself on a journey through Ushra'khan (for the second time), then some solo piracy, before finally following Wensley into the Against All Authorities alliance. Unfortunately, some events led to a corp migration and i never got the chance to move into another corp within the alliance as i decided to take an Eve break at this point. But not before i had some mega amounts of fun alongside Izzybella with some duo action - Speed Freaks, part 1 and part 2.

Only the other day (after my 2 month break) did i take note of this little blog under my bookmarks list and began reading through my past journal of events. Man, did that bring a smile to my face. They really were some of the best times i've ever had in Eve and the fond memories came slipping back.
So i resubb'd! Reading about my past endeavours really got me pumped to write something too.

Second day back in the universe, i was out roaming in my 'ranis. After chasing a Rifter through a couple of systems, i ended up in OMS. Watched his warp trajectory and followed suit toward it's planet cluster. Landed smack-bang on top of a Cheetah and uncloaked it! Scram; blasters; security status, (this knocked me below -2.0). It seemed to be an active pilot though, probably thinking it safe to idle at zero on the planet cloaked whilst probing whatever the hell it was probing. It paid off for me though and i was rewarded with a complete Sisters probe set; launcher, probes and all!

I found myself roaming with a few Tuskers later on in the day, some awesome guys who mostly joined long after i left the corp. We had a run-in with 'some' Eve-uni guys. It's here that i take my hat off to the Ivy guys... man, they executed their move brilliantly. Let me explain.

Our small gang of frigates got word from a scout in the system ahead of us about another small frigate gang of Eve-uni guys. This got us excited and we were looking forward to a fight. Our scout lured them into our system and as they followed him in, he warped to us where we had set up our position at a belt. We waited. A lot of what i'm about to explain will be a good spoonful of guesswork, but accurate guesswork hopefully. Maybe it'd be better to call it an inference, reading between the lines:

The Vengeance assault frigate came first. Being the first ship to land upon us, there was nothing for us to do except make it our primary target. So we did. But i reckon they had meant for us to make it primary. They sent in the tankiest-ish ship they had at the time to ensure we attacked it first. Then came a few other frigates and we had to try to kill the Vengeance as quickly as possible. I had guns overheated but after recieving yellow-boxes from those new enemy frigates as soon as they had landed meant they were going to primary me. This made sense, i was the Taranis - the glass cannon. What did i do? I GTFO. But only to a distance of around 20km, my drones still attacking.

They switched over to another one of us and i moved back in to help finish the Vengeance off. Yeah, it was still alive. Just. At this point Ivy League's reinforcement had arrived and it was no longer the small gang of frigs we had anticipated in the beginning. As they took down one of our Dramiels, i was ECM'd by their Blackbird and Kishin's Navy Slicer was damped by the Keres. This was clever. I couldn't put out any damage (only drones doing their thing), and the Slicer's offensive range would be put out. Our gang only just managed to blow up the Vengeance and some of us made it out in time.
We were blobbed... but damn, that was one hell of a blob. I probably didn't get the point across, but they did it neat and tidy is what i'm trying to say. It was all common fleet tactics but unlike many other groups out there, they executed it smoothly. If they didn't mean for this perfection to happen, then damnit that was very lucky with the electronic warfare and timing etc... either that, or we sucked. (We didn't suck, fyi).

At some point in the middle of this roamage, we encountered some strange guy in local (See the above image). He called me a mage. A Mage. WTF. I am no 'mage'. Despite what my first name may imply. The only thing i cast, is bullets in your face, m*****cker. Don't give me none of that poxy 'mage' bollocks. I am no dirty spellcasting 'mage' with a wizard hat. I'm a bald, badass child-eater.

... The crazy guy continued to stalk me through systems, trying to sell me frigates. W.T.F.


Shae Tiann said...

lol <3

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Miss flying with ya buddy, you just make it SO fun.

Later mage.

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