Monday, 6 April 2009

Drakes - WTF

Today, was perhaps the most fun i have had in Eve for a long, long time.

It began with lunch. I was munching happily in one of the station canteens (Chicken & Mushroom Pie \o/) whilst having a lovely conversation with fellow Corp-mates. I was contemplating whether or not i could be bothered to do anything whilst i was charmingly shoveling food down my throat.
I managed to bring my lazy self into the Ship hangar shortly afterwards in the Pod and boarded my Taranis Interceptor. This particular one wasn't rigged - it felt cheap. Not a good feeling to have towards your own ship, usually.

I set a course for Intaki and undocked into the familiar sensation of weightlessness in the gooey confines of my pod. This was only a frigate sized ship, and thus has no internal gravi-systems installed. Unlike the larger ships, it doesn't need one.

The journey was uneventful and before i knew it, i found myself within Intaki itself. Gah, empty system after another... I made up my mind to venture into adjacent systems of which i had not been before. After a few jumps, my scan reading showed a Drake Battlecruiser in Eugales, located within an asteroid belt. After pulling out some details, i discovered the pilot was only a month old in his liscence. Excellent.

My nimble frigate was there in seconds, scram'd, web'd and furiously unloading faction munitions. His heavy missiles were hitting me for very little, and i dealt with his tech 1 drones accordingly. Despite overheating my Weapon systems, i was not able to get his shields below 15%. Goddamnit, if only this bugger of a 'ranis was rigged. This is getting me nowhere. My modules were overheating and my personal supply of Nanite Paste had dried over the weeks, so there was nothing i could do to repair the damage being done. I recalled my drones and warped to a Safe. Wtf tbh, a month old pilot is able to pilot a Drake AND concoct a fit with such a decent tank...
After calling me a coward for retreating, i managed to convince him to wait for me whilst i repair and restock on ammo.

[12:42:29] Bio Viper > why leave system?

[12:42:33] Caster Rom > ammo

[12:42:55] Bio Viper > yeah right, your just going to change ship

[12:43:14] Caster Rom > i dont have any big ships, my corp usually roams around in small ships

[12:43:22] Caster Rom > i dont risk big ships, too expensive for me

[12:43:46] Bio Viper > i saw that earlier, as one of your guys tried to kill me with rifter

[12:43:53] Caster Rom > yeah

[12:44:06] Bio Viper > shame i didn't have my scram on

Change ship, eh? What a GENIUS idea. I decided to run home and bring out the Myrmidon. My very own sexy Gallente battlecruiser. After sitting out my Global Criminal Countdown, i sprinted home to Hevrice.

I justified my reason for having to travel the 9 jumps home just for ammo in a private chat with him - "Faction ammo, matey. It is hard to come by :( ".

As i made haste travelling back to Eunales in my Myrmidon, I stumbled upon a lovely Devoter+Brutix gate camp in Melmaniel. I sighed, and double-backed toward the gate i had entered. Just in time too, as another 5 blinky assortment of battlecruisers, command ships and Heavy assault ships dropped out of warp for me. I managed to get out safely, with minimal damage into armour.

Looks like that is one system i cant go through... and so i set a course around it. 17 jumps... ouch. I notified the Drake pilot of my little snag and he agreed to wait, undeterred and obviously keen on having another shot on the tiny-weeny little interceptor.

On my monotonous journey around Melmaniel toward Eunales, my conscience finally hit me. As it would do any Human Bean. After his wonderful co-operative nature, i found it difficult to cope with the evilness of my planned surprise. Thus began my little remedy of deceit;

[13:19:50] Caster Rom > oh damn, another camp :( lost me ship this time

[13:20:08] Caster Rom > im gonna have to look to buy another one in system

[13:20:10] Bio Viper > oh rly?

[13:20:10] Caster Rom > gimme few ticks

[13:21:44] Caster Rom > :/ only ship i can buy here which i can fly

[13:21:47] Caster Rom > is a myrmi...

[13:21:52] Caster Rom > way overpriced though

[13:22:00] Bio Viper > i c

[13:22:21] Caster Rom > if you wnat the fight still... i could purchase it, and fit it with shitty scrap mods i can find in system

[13:23:01] Bio Viper > well myrmi can take drake down so its your call

[13:23:33] Caster Rom > so are oyu saying you wouldnt want a fair fight in the first place? :o

[13:23:44] Caster Rom > you would still be at an advantage, as i cant fit this mrymi the right way

[13:23:57] Bio Viper > i want a fair fight, and i have seen myrmidons take drakes down

[13:24:14] Caster Rom > yet many drakes take down myrmis too

[13:24:27] Caster Rom > drake tank is perhaps the best in-game tbh

[13:24:36] Bio Viper > i know

[13:24:46] Bio Viper > so i

[13:24:59] Bio Viper > if you dont want, then dont buy the myrmi

[13:25:14] Caster Rom > ill do it, its a game afterall

[13:25:25] Caster Rom > gimme 2 minutes to fit it out with what i can find lol

[13:25:35] Bio Viper > ok

I continued trekking through the many systems for a while, until the destination loomed closer. Then:

[13:27:39] Caster Rom > ok.. this will have to do i guess

[13:27:42] Caster Rom > making my way there

[13:27:48] Bio Viper > k

I returned to the system of Eunales soon afterwards, and engaged his Drake in my Myrmidon. This also being my first Myrmidon fight on anything larger than a cruiser, so i was fairly excited.
It took a while for me to tear through his shields, but it was inevitable nonetheless. I managed to keep my Armour at a safe level throughout and when his shields were diminished, my drones and blasters had no trouble with his remaining fragile armour and hull. We exchanged Gf's in local.
Astonishingly, i managed to scram his pod. He was a nice guy and before i knew it, i was contemplating for the second time today. Should i ransom him? But then my eyes darted to an Amarr Recon Ship which appeared on grid - a Curse. I warped to safety and urged Bio Viper to do the same, i had spared him. It was in-warp that i realised the Curse was actually a Corp-mate of his. An evil hooked eyebrow expression appeared on my face, and before i knew it i had willed the ship to return to the belt.

I landed right on top of the Curse, and instantly unleashed everything i had. Despite the irritating Capacitor problems the Curse was causing, i was able to stay on top of this with my own Cap-Injector system.
Things were going marvelously well, until a Hurricane appeared on scan. Oh shit. A Hurricane appeared on grid. Oh Shit-cakes Bollox. The bugger stole my Curse kill.
He then took no time in engaging me. I initiated all my systems on the new target, but then realised i had burnt out my ship weapon systems. Oh Shit-cakes Bollox F**k. My drones did decent damage, but it wouldn't be enough. I'm specialised into gunnery, not drones. The hurricanes shields would not fall below 25% and began slowly recharging, whilst my own defences slowly melted. A Typhoon friend of the Hurricane also joined at this point, and as he launched his chain of Cruise Missiles, my beloved Myrmidon was no longer.
With more Gf's sent all around in local communications, i safely docked up in the local station.

[13:55:10] Bio Viper > your welcome to join our corp if you get bored of the tuskers, with that kind of skills, your free to join anytime :)

[13:56:09] Caster Rom > ah thanks mate, appreciate it greatly, but getting bored with these guys is highly improbable ;)

Smiling uncontrollably, I decided to go for a drink at the station bar, and possibly take a little nap afterwards. Good Times.

Also a note before i forget: I owe Ronan Jacques 10mn Afterburner II x1. :D
Another note: Thanks to Sonbalin for helping out scout Melmaniel :) Without him, i daresay my Myrmi would be long gone before i had even reached Eugales. \o/


Ronan Jacques said...

*Ronan Jacques shakes fist* You hooligan! My afterburner!!!
Very cool use of it anyhow!

PreZiDenT said...

Ohh, i need to take a myrmidon out for a spin.:)

Anonymous said...

Great story, Caster. I really look forward to hearing more of them. Hmmm, maybe I should fly some bigger ships :)

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Damn sorry on that Curse kill being stolen!