Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Feast, Famine, Fabulous.

The past few weeks showed a bumpy seasonal effect of targets in the area. At first, people were on a consensus that Verge Vendor and surrounding areas were running pretty dry. I was feeling fairly parched as well throughout this little season, the food was thinning out.
There's been the occasional catch, the occasional small-time entertainment, the occasional smile and laughter. But in general, things were going slow, at least it seemed so for me. This draught continued for a week or so before things slowly improved in a gradual crescendo.

There was a few of this, this and this. Occasionally, i was so despressed with lack of activity that i resorted to gate camping the Macro Haulers which stream through Hevrice regularly.

Then there was some of this, this and more this.

I was in dire need of some sort of group activity at this point, and was glad for the roaming ops which followed. One particular operation led by Wensley stood out in particular. This particular roam involved particularly small ships - frigates. We managed to bag an Industrial Command Ship - an Orca! This was a first time for many of us and the factor of its guardian ships - Blackbird, Hyperion and a Raven - made the encounter even more special. We were prepared to ransom several of these ships, however due to the faffing about of these funny pilots and the iminent countdown of the POS bubble activating, we had little choice but to crack their nuts. Both a Hulk and a Drake take-down followed shortly after the very same evening. It was a very satisfying feeling at the end of the day. See: A Quiet Saturday With The Tuskers

A more recent operation consisting Remote-Repping Battleships also ended in success. This also being my first time putting a Battleship to use meant i was fairly aroused (:random thesaurus selection from the word 'excited'). Our gang consisted of 3 RR Battleships (Ronan and myself in a Dominix each and Egrat in his shiny Armageddon) and a squad of supporting gang-mates. Things began slow with litte happenings as we did a short circuit around the neighbouring systems. Just as the night seemed bleak, a fellow corpmate - Yarhh - gave intel of a missioning Golem in the 0.4 system of Onne. The first squad of support ships in the fleet was ordered byJolo to engage first, in hope of luring out a lurking Ishtar, but without luck the order was then given to the Battleships and Alex Rudd in his Blackbird to enter the system and engage the Marauder with the others. We were lucky to have Yarhh and his Ship scanner available, which gave us a heads up on the juicy, succulent faction mods which entailed alongside this Golem package. A generous offer of a 1.5billion isk was offered to the pilot, who however claimed he only had 500million at hand. The decision was made to destroy the ship and gamble with the Loot-gods. We were met with a good enough result and arranged for a cloaked transport ship to bring the treasures home.

All in all, i can humbly say... We are in good business once more! As for my new resolve for profit, i think i can safely give that a green tick thus far.

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