Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Tuskers

From one notorious pirate corp to another, The Tuskers.
I withdrew my application toward the Bastards around 5 weeks ago, for reasons entirely to do with myself and what I want, rather than anything to do with them. Long story cut short there.

Since that time, you could say I've accomplished a fair amount. I've found a truck-load of fights; won some, lost some. Forged several new friendships, some helpful contacts and above all, a new home. The journey has been pretty exhilirating and time seems to have passed slowly.

I have settled in smoothly amongst the Tuskers. Hevrice -our home System- is indeed a juicy place to be situated in, too. It's on a 0.5 border and bridges 2 other low-sec systems, which means there are quite a few pretty people who float through here. A good thing.
My new comrades are -simply put- pretty awesome. Professionalism with a touch of sugar.

I have fallen through the rabbit hole and thankfully ended up in wonderland. I am grateful to be able to call this place home.

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