Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Returning to the Roots.

I have been questioning the motives behind my actions recently, the actions which result from my healthy career of Piracy.
Lately, my lust for destruction has been the sole factor in my activities and the word Piracy has been reduced to an excuse. I've been out flying with a psychopathic will to kill whatever i can find, with no thought toward profit. Of course, this has resulted in a steep decline in my wallet and it doesn't feel good.

This changes, now. Each time i undock, i will have profit sitting between my ears. Gone are the days of reckless flying and crazy laughter. I will restore meaning to the word.


PreZiDenT said...

I find myself in the same situation you were in right now. Engaged a myrmidon with an incursus last night, with no particular will flee from it.

Flashfresh said...

This is a great blog Castor, love the layout and your style. Keep it up!


Caster Rom said...

@ Prezi: wow - extremely manly, or super suicidal!

@Flash: Cheers mate ;) Just keeping it simple and blogging as i feel.